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Recipe: Tuna Tataki

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Tuna Tataki (鮪のたたき)

We love making Tuna Tataki. In addition to its amazing flavor, it looks dramatic on a plate but literally takes less than five minutes to make. Literally. For real. A favorite of Japanese food connoisseurs, it's also a good middle ground for any of your diners who are adventurous but not quite ready for Sashimi yet. Paired with our tangy Shōyu Ponzu Sauce (see our accompanying recipe), it makes a great appetizer or main course.


Sushi- or Sashimi-grade Tuna Loins or Steaks (if using steaks, cut down into 2 or more manageable blocks).

A light, tasteless, oil with a high smoke point such as Vegetable, Canola, or similar.


Lightly pat the Tuna dry on all sides.

Lightly oil a skillet or similar pan, and heat until almost smoking

Using tongs, briefly sear the Tuna on all sides, less than a minute on each side. You want to sear the outside but leave the interior raw.

Let rest for a couple of minutes, then slice with a sharp knife.

Serve with our Shōyu Ponzu, Sashimi Shōyu, or regular Shōyu with some Wasabi mixed in.


  1. Ahi Tuna works best, but other varieties (with the exception of Albacore) work just as well.

  2. For delicious variations, dust Tuna with Wasabi Powder, a mixture of Black and White Sesame Seeds, or Shichimi Tōgarashi powder before searing.

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